CarcassonneThe Carcassonne Castle and all of the fortifications was our first meeting with middle-ages culture in deeper way than every day we thought about this epoch. The Carcassonne Castle made a big impression on us. It was something absolutely amazing: Middle-Ages people built that big constructions (with a lot of fortifications around!) without today’s technology. Awesome! Of course, now we know the price: very hard work without good payment, plenty of deadly accidents and many, many years.

History of fortified city of Carcassonne started about 6th century B.C., when  the Romanians built opiddum – a fortified Iron Age settlement. After in this place lived Visigoths, Arabas and Franks. The fortifications, that we know, was started to build in 12th century, in 1130 and it lasted to second half of 13th century. The fortifications saved the people of Carcassonne during A Hundred Years’ War in 14th and 15th century. The part of the city was destroyed but Plantagenets can’t conquer the Carcassonne.

In 19th century castle and fortification were no longer important. People started to demolish the castle because of stones which they can use to build their own houses. Luckily, city authorities put two and two together and started renovate these historic buildings. And now – thanks to Jean-Pierre Cros-Mayrevieille and Prosper Mérimée – we are able to admire these incredible and beautiful fortifications of Carcassonne.